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(no subject)

Jul. 4th, 2010 | 12:50 pm
location: antipolo city
mood: hyperhyper

HI GUYS! I’m still alive if you were wondering. I’ve been super busy this week and the internet connection was shitty. But its fixed now.

Things that happened this week:

Nothing much happened that day. Except for our Literature class report about the Anglo-Saxons thing. I didn’t have proper sleep, I expected to get at least 2 hours of sleep, but morning came and I was still up. I slept around 1AM and woke up at 4.30AM.

Dragged myself to class despite having no proper sleep at all. I forgot that PE class was my first period. Thank god that I didn’t collapse or something. I enjoyed PE class for a change, but it left me physically and mentally drained. We were told to go to the Glee club auditions to watch the second batch. It was raining hard when our classes ended. I went home smelling like I took a bath from gutter water. The rain was just, uhh..

NO CLASSES. FUCK YEAH. It was President Aquino’s inauguration, so we had to watch. My family planned on watching it live but we have bipolar weather here so we just stayed home.

I dragged myself to class again. I had proper sleep, I just didn’t want to go to school.

First Friday Mass and First Club Meeting. So, I was in the choir for our mass since I was part of the Glee club even if the club meetings haven’t started yet. It went well, I think. I wasn’t able to take the English quiz because I was in the auditorium. Science class was obviously boring. After that was the first club meeting. I was excited for some reason, but I missed my old club. SIR JACY MADE US SING AGAIN, ALONE. I was extremely nervous. Because I’m not used to singing solo. Sir I’m disappoint. It was a good thing that it was the last time that we were gonna sing solo. Were more on group numbers since were a chorale group :DD. And Sir Jacy told us not to drink cold water and eat chocolate and scream. I’m disappoint D:

I went to Aki’s house around 3AM. Yeah, 3AM. It was too early but she told be to go to their house at 3AM. Aki and Kei’s cousin was there so he scolded me for being there early in the morning. Then something funny happened, well for me, not for Aki’s cousin XDDDD Since Aki and I were in a hurry, we decided to take a shower together (LOL FOREVER). I went there without taking a bath. HAHA. We went to Katipunan to pick up some stuff and hang out at Starbucks.

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Tumblr, anyone~

Apr. 27th, 2010 | 04:17 pm
mood: boredbored

Who has tumblr here? I'm not really active here at LJ. Follow me here.

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/when it all started

Apr. 9th, 2010 | 05:10 pm
mood: dorkydorky

Hello there! I decided to make a livejournal out of boredom.
How do you work this thing?
I don’t know a lot of people here. Care to add me. I’ll find time to post a half-decent introduction.

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